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Gauchos are the cowboys of Argentina. And the centre for Gaucho folklore is in a small town 113 kilometres (70 miles) from Buenos Aires city called San Antonio de Areco.

This is the perfect tour in order to learn about Argentine traditions and customs, as we will visit the famous gaucho town.

We will visit San Antonio de Areco and take great photos of all the highlights of this cozy town!

During this tour, we will enjoy walking the cobblestone streets of a small town of Argentina that became internationally renowned by the famous book Don Segundo Sombre written by Ricardo Güiraldes.

Commonly visited sights on my tour around San Antonio de Areco

+ Ruiz de Arellano main square
+ Museum Criollo and Parque Gauchesco Ricardo Güiraldes
+ Old brigde and Areco river
+ local shops of handicrafts and typical food (chocolate, cheese, salami, and much more deli!)
+ Pulpería la Blanqueada
+ San Antonio de Padua main church
+ Museum Usina Vieja
+ Pulpería Bessonart

Optional: stop for lunch at a nice local place